Why Get Happy With Us?

A lot of times, we compromise taste for what we think is healthy. We sacrifice our taste buds for ultra ‘green’ smoothies and juices that satisfy our body’s needs, but don’t necessarily make us happy.

When you become a parent, you have an innate realization that it’s not just about us anymore. The green juices that we once forced down to be healthy just won’t cut it for our new little human. This is how David felt, and formed the foundation of his fresh-pressed juice brand.

Once David became a father a few years ago, he knew that his little one could not be exposed to quick and simple meals brought to the door by deliverymen. He knew his child would not be able to choke down bitter greens, but could not bring himself to feed him sugary juices either. Where is the balance?

The juices that make up the Happy Juice lineup were designed to taste good, while still utilizing ingredients essential for our health. If these juices can satisfy the demanding taste buds and nutrient-seeking body of a child, they can definitely be enjoyed by people like you & me.

Being healthy starts with being Happy