Our Cleanse

Powerwash & Supercharge Your System

It’s simple: the body heals itself. Saturate your system with the right mix of micro and phyto nutrients from the greens and fruits in our juices.

Fresh, raw, organic juice. A way to truly define the meaning of a beneficial, long-lasting “cleanse”.

Processed foods and a stressful, hectic lifestyle lead to cell toxicity, a weakened immune system, and our bodies breaking down over time.


Drink 8 yummy, super concentrated, body satiating juices a day in any order- but have the Twilight Lemonade last. The activated charcoal in the lemonade will sweep and remove all of the toxins while you sleep.

+The Bonus

You can to loose up to 5-10 lbs per week. After 3 days your body begins to use up to 70% of existing fat as energy. The bonus, cleansing with healthy greens trains your pallet to avert salty, sugary and fried things. Now you can break the habit.



Our Happy Juice Co. Cleanse guide:


  1. Drink 8 Juices per day. Always keep them cold. They are a raw fresh organic product without preservatives and will spoil or ferment if they are not kept cold. Many people on the go like to keep them in a cooler with lots of ice packs.
  2. You can drink any juice at any time EXCEPT have the Twilight Lemonade last on each of your juice cleanse days. You do this so the Activated Charcoal can sweep your system through the night- while you sleep.
  3. Drink lots of water as well! You should drink up to 2 Litres/day!
  4. Depending on your tolerance and previous lifestyle, some feel the first day or two is the toughest. A lot of it is psychological. Our bodies and minds are used to our daily routines. Rest assured your body is consuming a tremendous amount of micro nutrients- more than most have had in months!
  5. Enjoy the journey! This is an exciting “REBOOT” & “NUTRITION SUPERCHARGE” your body will thank you in tremendous ways, like having less cravings, better organ function, a more alkaline system, a long overdue rest for your digestive system, more energy, greater alertness and focus, and of course…fat loss. What’s great about a juice cleanse is you can expect to loose up to a pound of fat per day while maintaining muscle, since your body is being nutritionally satiated throughout your journey.
  6. Incorporate Happy Juices after the cleanse! Eat as well as you can- life permitting of course, and the Happy Juice will add on extra nutrition to help maintain your great results!
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You’ll find that its one of the easier cleanses to compete- since we re one of the only companies that doesn’t use water to dilute our product, and very little water dense produce like romaine, cucumber etc. You’ll find yourself being very nourished and satiated throughout the process!

Random flavours will be selected for your cleanse based on our more popular flavours. The benefit to ordering our BPA free 8oz plastic bottles for your cleanse, is that they are much lighter to carry with you through out the day and you can freeze and then thaw them during your cleanse.