Happy Hangover

Happy Hangover Remedy


Sometimes too much fun at night can leave you with not so fun mornings. Let the Happy Hangover Remedy make the “day after” better with ingredients like activated coconut charcoal to detox your system, turmeric as a heavy duty anti-inflammatory and ginger to settle your tummy and fight free radicals. We’ve found a way to make your hangover a little happier!

Happy Hangover Remedy
2L Twilight Lemonade
2L Jubilant Antioxidant
1L Happy Tomato
8x8oz Sweet Tart Love


Product Description

  • – Cravings

  • + Organ Function

  • + Alkaline System

  • + Digestive Support

  • + Boosts Energy

  • + Greater Alertness & Focus

  • – Fat Loss


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