Happy Kids

Happy Kids Package


Happy kids, happy life! At Happy Juice Co. we know first hand that getting our little ones to consume their greens can be challenging at times. This kid friendly package is packed with over 50lbs of organic greens! and tons of free radical fighting anti-oxidants! Our three most kid loved flavours come in convenient, non-breakable and freezable plastic jugs (extends shelf life to 3 months), and easy to pack BPA free plastic bottles— perfect for lunch boxes or juice on the go!

Happy Kids Package
2L Happy Dance
2L Jubilant Antioxidant
8x8oz Happy Dance (BPA Free Plastic Bottles)
8x8oz Sunshiny Kale (BPA Free Plastic Bottles)


Product Description

  • – Cravings

  • + Organ Function

  • + Alkaline System

  • + Digestive Support

  • + Boosts Energy

  • + Greater Alertness & Focus

  • – Fat Loss


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