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Happy Lifestyle Package


Life is busy and can get crazy. We’re always on the go. Whether we’re stuck in traffic, stuck at the office, or waking up from a nap on the couch with construction paper stuck to your forehead and your child laughing at you with a glue stick in their hand— making healthy food choices can often go by the wayside. Thats why drinking your greens with Happy Juice is a practical way to get 4+ salads in one yummy bottle.

2L Kalefornication
2L Sunshiny Kale
1L Twilight Lemonade
1L Jubilant Antioxidant
8x8oz Sweet Tart Love (Glass Bottles)


Product Description

  • – Cravings

  • + Organ Function

  • + Alkaline System

  • + Digestive Support

  • + Boosts Energy

  • + Greater Alertness & Focus

  • – Fat Loss