Post Cleanse

Post Cleanse Package


We want to make sure your cleanse results stay so no–you cannot order 3 pizzas now that you’ve crossed the finish line. Instead have a couple of slices of your favourite pie and order this post cleanse package to help maintain all the awesome benefits you’ve just earned from cleansing and supercharging your system. The Happy Juice Co. Post Cleanse Package will be your happy bridge between your cleanse and going back to your day to day.

Post Cleanse Package
2L Sweet Tart Love
2L Twilight Lemonade
1L Jubilant Antioxidant
1L Kalefornication
8x8oz Happy Dance (Glass Bottles)


Product Description

  • – Cravings

  • + Organ Function

  • + Alkaline System

  • + Digestive Support

  • + Boosts Energy

  • + Greater Alertness & Focus

  • – Fat Loss


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