Sweet Tart Love


If your mouth yearns for that “pucker face” refresher, you’ll love some Sweet Tart Love. Although it’s packed full of kale, your taste buds will immediately explode from a beautiful and initial hit of fresh tart lemons, soon followed by some ginger-warmth and a hint of minty coolness to finish. This micronutrient packed juice is always a go-to when you begin to feel the sniffles or that dreaded throat scratch coming on.


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Product Description

  • + Anti-inflammatory

  • + Boosts immunity

  • + Cell health

  • + Digestive support

  • + Energy

  • + Disease prevention

  • + Organ Function

  • – Blood pressure

The Breakdown

  • spinach

  • Orange

  • Hint of lemon

  • Ginger

  • mint


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